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QEDT Version 3 Registration

A QEDT3 registration is for one GONet user ID. Registration requires that you have your GONet user ID correctly entered in your QEDT3 setup. Your QEDT unregistered user ID will be generated from your GONet user ID, but your GONet user ID will remain private to you. Please note: if you expect to change your GONet user ID in the near future, you should change it before registering QEDT, if possible, since changing it afterward requires a re-registration fee payment.

New QEDT User - Instructions

Upgrade - Registered pre-QEDT3 Version User - Instructions

Change GONet User ID - Instructions

QEDT Registration

Please read and print the following registration information.

Registering QEDT allows you to continue using it beyond the trial period, and costs $89.95 (plus GST). Support is available on a prepaid basis.

To register you for unlimited use of QEDT, we need you to submit your descriptive Registration Name identifying you as the user, your QEDT unregistered user ID, an e-mail address and other basic information about yourself, which will not be used for any marketing purposes other than communications from Quillfire Communication Group Inc. to QEDT registered users. You will be given the choice of payment options for paying the $89.95 (plus GST) registration fee: MasterCard (by fax/mail authorization) or cheque. When your payment is received, your QEDT3-specific registration key-code, confirmed Registration Name, and QEDT registered user ID will be e-mailed to the address you provided, with instructions telling you how to use them to convert your installed trial version of QEDT to a registered version. (Note: you will also be instructed how to register an expired trial version.) After you register your installation of QEDT, your Registration Name will be displayed on the QEDT window.

Please note that your Registration Name must be unique, so the more detailed you can make it, the better. It can be as short as 6 characters or as long as 60. If it happens that we already have a registered user with the exact same Registration Name as yours, we will simply append a unique number to the end of your Registration Name.

When you submit the Registration information requested below, a page will be generated that you can print for faxing (for payment by MasterCard only) or mailing to us.

Registered Version

When you register QEDT and pay the registration fee, you will be sent a registration key-code and registered user ID with instructions telling you how to register your installed evaluation version of QEDT. The registered version of QEDT has no time limit and displays the registered user's name.

As a registered user, you will be licensed to register and use one or more installations of QEDT with one GONet user ID. If you wish to use a different GONet user ID instead, you will need to register it for a fee. If you need to use more than one GONet user ID, you may register additional GONet user IDs and install multi-user versions of QEDT for them.


Any use of QEDT means that the user recognizes and accepts that Quillfire Communication Group Inc. makes no warranties of any kind with respect to QEDT. Use of QEDT also means that the user releases Quillfire Communication Group Inc. from all liability for damages of any kind resulting from the use of QEDT.

QEDT Registration Request

Registration Name:
(your descriptive name, minimum 6 characters, maximum 60 characters:
this will display on your QEDT window, e.g. "Dr. Jane Doe")
QEDT Unregistered User ID:
E-Mail: (required)
Postal Code:
Payment Method: MasterCard Cheque
New Customers  
Registration Fee: $89.95
GST 7%: $6.30
Total: $96.25
QEDT "Original"
Registered Customers
Upgrade from QEDT "Original"
QEDT Original
Registration Key-Code:
(required for upgrade users)
Registration Fee: $49.95
GST 7%: $3.50
Total: $53.45


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